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Magic Drawing Case

The first debut product of the iFoolish range is both humorously foolish for adults and magical for the young ones.

It’s a 3.7" retro red magic drawing board, fitted with a handy drawing pen which allows you to write and sketch in an environmentally friendly way whilst protecting your iPhone from getting scratched or damaged.

Write notes to your loved ones or to yourself, cheer people up, make people smile and add some retro magic to your iPhone 4 or 4s.

The great thing about the iFoolish case is that it stays magical even when your iPhone is offline or out of battery and there’s no need to download an app either.

Bring your thoughts to life with the iFoolish Magic Drawing iPhone Case.



117mm x 61mm x 14mm
Poly Carbonate /w coating

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Price: £19.99

iFoolish iphone4 doodle pad